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On vacation/holiday

So far things have been very nice, despite the heat and humidity. We're renting a historic house (built in 1832) which is lovely, but alas, has no AC. Not even a window box, because they'd probably blow all the fuses. So here's the drill: Mornings, windows are open to catch the breezes. Early afternoon, close windows and draw shades. Evenings, open once more for overnight cool down.
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My SSHG_Promptfest story is complete ...

... and I submitted it last night. It's a good feeling to have accomplished what I began. Doing this without falling prey to procrastination is an added plus for me as well.

Let me be an encouragement to all you newbies or any others signed up for the Promptfest. If I can do this, so can you!
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Slowly but surely


And here it is - one of Hermione's Everyday socks. The second one did turn out very well. The first had more mistakes, and fuzzier areas from where I repeatedly had to rip out stitches and get them back on the needles.

Off to the gym.
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Knitting Fun

I’m learning to knit socks! I’m so excited!

Since the socks I want to make (the non-athletic kind) are knit using thin yarn and needles, J, my knitting coach/cheerleader told me to start out by practicing with the thicker/bigger versions. This way, she said, I’d be able to see what I’m doing and easily correct the mistakes.

Well, thicker/bigger also means larger, and my first practice sock looked like something that could be worn by Shaq O’Neal. I’d post a picture, but I’m way too embarrassed – hee hee.

J gave me some links to knitting websites, so my next step was to find a nice, simple, and preferably free pattern to make my first pair of “real” (vs. “Shaquille”) socks. And what should I find, but a pattern titled, “Hermione’s Everyday Socks.” It had to be a sign, right?

As I knit, I'm thinking though the plot for my SSHG Promptfest story. And doing laundry. I just love multi-tasking.
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Out on a limb ... again!

I'm excited to have entered my first SSHG Promptfest! This should keep me writing for a while, and I know that my love of telling stories the AU way will be welcome on this site.
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